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Fresh Mineral Water Makes a Difference You Can See and Feel

See the HEY! Cool Pool Flip Plop manual for more information.

See the HEY! Cool Pool Flip Plop XL manual for more information.

HEY! Cool Pool Strives to Make Owning a Pool Easier.

Compared to buying heavy buckets of chlorine, touching the tablets every day or so and never knowing if the chlorine level is enough, Flip Plop makes it much easier.

The pool has been clear all summer. We will use Flip Plop again next year.

- T. Picchi

Flip Plop is easy to use and has dropped the chlorine level, but kept the pool perfect.

- J. Thompkins

I knew nothing about taking care of a pool and kept hearing of all these disasters. With Flip Plop the pool was fine the whole time.

- arunasb

I love Flip Plop. It makes pool care very easy!

- B. Lerro

Works just as it says and Flip Plop kept my pool sparkling clean for the summer.

- Dira

Flip Plop works much better than other floating chlorine dispensers that I have used in the past.

- C. Schwab

My son has no problems with the water burning his eyes. Flip Plop is the perfect solution for our pool!

- indysrider

Flip Plop is the absolute only thing that takes away the cloudy water in my pool

- C. Bosko

It makes our pool so much easier to enjoy and so much easier to maintain

- N. Perkins

Very economical and it works great! Won’t use anything else!

- D. Endicott

I love Flip Plop because my pool has looked so good since we started using it. Sparkling – Soft Water!! Love it!

- M. Moore

It’s a no brainer! So easy to use and makes our pool beautiful

- M. Jones

Flip Plop is truly the only thing that has kept my pool clear all summer! I tried other products and Flip Plop is the best hands down!

- A. Castillo

It’s pool care for dummies. Don’t know what you’re doing? Do this!

- A. Oilver

Makes life easy! More time to enjoy the pool!!

- D. Wierzchowski

I love Flip Plop because it actually works. So many other products claim to work but don’t. It’s inexpensive and easy. So happy I tried it. Best idea.

- R. Wolfe

Flip Plop keeps the pool clean, makes it easier to maintain, and the water doesn’t have a chemical smell. The water feels soft.

- J. Roush

We use less chlorine with Flip Plop and our pool is sparkling clean with little effort!

- D. Dace

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  • How do I balance my water? Use Test Strips to balance pH to 7.2 to 7.8, Total Alkalinity to 80 to 120 and Calcium hardness to 150-400.
  • How do I get rid of algae? Use an algae preventative to keep algae away. If you have algae use an algaecide and shock the water until clarity returns.
  • When do I shock the pool? Weekly is always good practice but also after it rains or after heavy use or whenever it looks a bit cloudy.